Heaven Scooped Up A Saint…

You used to make us laugh all the time acting crazy you always spoke your mind
I know that you’re with Christ and i feel you left early, everybody has their time
I never will forget your smile the freestyle and the gifts that you possessed
God was tired of waiting to bring you home so He came to relieve you of your strength

(Cam, Heaven Scooped Up a Saint, off the album, The Platform)

I attended Kabz’ funeral meeting at Parklands Baptist yesterday. I got there late but I got to listen to some people’s recollection of Kabz’ life and the above song by Cam came to mind. It was clear that Kabz was hilarious; he loved everybody and touched people where it mattered to them.

Kabz has been instrumental in the Kenyan Gospel Music Industry. He has acted as a mentor to many musicians and, to the testimony of many, been the butler who ushered many through the ins and outs of this industry. He was a very gifted man and his music stood the test of time.

Kabz passed on on Sunday, 6th April, 2014. He is outlived by his wife, Njesh(who is expectant) and 2 year old son Ulani.


(Photo courtesy of the Facebook page)


Funeral arrangements are going on at Parklands Baptist every day at 5.30pm.

There will be a concert on 10th April, 2014 in honour of himat Parklands Baptist.

The committee budget is at KES 1.85 Million and without counting the contributions made yesterday the committee had a total of KES. KES 30,010. The Paybill no. is 316885 under the name: Peter Kaberere Funeral Fund. Your contributions towards giving Kaberere a decent send off will be highly appreciated. In the words of Pst. Kamau’s words, ‘Hatutakula ya Kaberere tena.’ 🙂

For more information on further arrangements, like the Facebook Page: In Loving Memory of Peter “Kabz” Kaberere

Watch the tribute video here: A Tribute to Peter Kaberere {#Kaberere}

Tell a friend about the concert and let’s celebrate a life well lived!


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