Exponential Potential Listening Party.

On 22nd April, 2014, the GoDown Arts Centre Nairobi was bustling with energy!! This was the venue chosen for Juliani’s Listening Party and the rustic feel of the place did his brand justice. All kinds of people were in attendance: Government Officials, Media Personalities, Artistes, Business People, Fans you name it. Yet again any doubts of Juliani’s influence were settled.

The programme started at around 1915hrs, with Dave Ojay, the MC. He started by calling one of the fans on stage who happened to be @iamsospaceship, a hiphop artiste!! He did a Juliani song from a previous album and walked away with a t-shirt and two tickets t the album launch (right here people is where you speak to him nicely).

Up next was Juliani who welcomed everyone. He talked a little bit about the inspiration behind this album. A going back to Adam, a restoration of who he and the greater human race was before sin came into the earth. A restoration of basic humanity. The purpose of the listening party was to give his fans a glimpse of the album and to celebrate his 30th birthday. You only turn 30 once! He also mentioned that the album would be available in Orange Shops from 5th June, 2014 with a discount if you buy using orange money. He then invited people to listen to the first six songs of his album. [I will try not turn this into an album review. 🙂 ]

First off was One Day, Jehovah, Master Piece, Do Me That For, Move and Morio and Juliet. At this point people listened; bopped their heads a little; laughed at clever wordplay a bit too late sometimes; scribbled a little; took selfies and cheered, clapped, screamed…the works.

Juliani was back on stage! This time he spoke about his journey and products under his brand and you could tell that he knows what he is about, what he wants out of life and where he wants to go. He invited us once more to listen to the remaining four songs. Exponential Potential actually has fourteen songs and we were left wondering ‘if this is what ten songs already sound like, what surprises were left in store for us?’

Butterfly, MH370, Pararira and Samaki followed in succession. The crowd was impressed!

Juliani stepped on stage at the end of that session. He gave his vote of thanks and while at it received a surprise call from his grandmother, those aaaw type of calls. He said his agenda has been to figure how he can give more than he receives and how he can give more than expected. He said that he believes he’s the luckiest artist and himself and his music is all he has to give. He acknowledged key people in his life and Jefro of Madlove led the closing prayer.

Soon after there was cake and a lot of photos and loud music and a very happy crowd. Master Piece, Jehovah, One Day and Morio and Juliet got a lot of love from the crowd. I think Pararira is one of those anthem songs and Master Piece will be a big song.

The listening party was organized by Mary Njoki of Glasshouse.

I look forward to getting the album!




Heaven Scooped Up A Saint…

You used to make us laugh all the time acting crazy you always spoke your mind
I know that you’re with Christ and i feel you left early, everybody has their time
I never will forget your smile the freestyle and the gifts that you possessed
God was tired of waiting to bring you home so He came to relieve you of your strength

(Cam, Heaven Scooped Up a Saint, off the album, The Platform)

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