Songwriters’ Lounge: 2nd Edition: The Review!

I attended my first Songwriters’ Lounge this past Saturday at the Creatives Garage, GreenHouse Mall. They opened the doors at 1830hrs and was meant to start at 1900hrs but kicked off at 1931hrs because of some of us who didn’t keep time(I got there at around 1920hrs). It kicked off with the visionary, Andrew Wambua, our MC for the evening who shortly after introduced the first act of the night: Vereso!

Vereso was accompanied by Ferdinard on keys and she, in my opinion, did a fantastic job! She has a very strong voice and I especially liked how open she is about God and her passion for what she does. She did ‘Bumblebee’,  ‘Ananiona’ and my favourite ‘Mercy’. She is easily Kenya’s Macy Grey. She graduates from Sauti Academy, Penya Africa’s Artist Development Programme, next month and Penya Africa is holding a concert at Goethe Institute dubbed Expose’ #NakedMusic. Vereso definitely outdid herself and I think the exposé in April is worth attending.

Up next was Loise Ondiso Madete aka Ondi. Hilarious lady, great guitarist, fantastic with spoken word and when she sings she reminds me of Lauryn Hill! I enjoyed her performance. She also has a special drink she calls a Strungi Lemonade…I think. 🙂 She said something about a blog, I’m still looking for it. (Tell me when you find it.)

She did several songs I couldn’t keep track of because of how she interestingly fused them into each other. One minute she was doing a spoken piece, the next she was singing a dedication to her sisters and the next she was making us laugh. Such genius!

The main act of the night was Ythera! She is a singer of many love songs, she did like ten, ok I exaggerate, but it was really amazing! I even got one for my wedding playlist, Zawadi by Ythera! 🙂

She was accompanied by Essie on the Djembe and Saha on the acoustic guitar. She did several songs: Leo nimeamua; Zawadi; Hot blooded man (haha! :’D inside joke, ok maybe just to me); the parapapaye song; ndoto; her debut single Kijana and Ahadi Ahadi, a song she wrote immediately after high school whose lyrical maturity blew me away! She has this strong voice that demands your attention and her song writing is really interesting. For a main act, she did not disappoint.

All acts of the night were from Sauti Academy, either as alumni or current students. Penya Africa being linked to Songwriters’ Lounge probably explains the insourcing, it could be purely coincedental though.

They also had a trivia, know your music kind of trivia where correct answers got you tickets to the next event and airtime.

For a second edition, I was impressed and definitely look forward to the next one: 26th April, 2014.

P.S.: I’m still not sure where the apostrophe should go or whether it should be there at all. Songwriter’s, songwriters’, songwriters I ronno!

P.S.S.: I took photos from where I was seated, they look terrible, don’t ask.

P.S.S.S.: Ripplez is TWO tomorrow!!!!!


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